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Story of Duftin

Story of Duftin

We are Duftin Ltd. from the heart of Europe and we dedicated ourselves towards one goal; to inspire, boost relaxation and create happiness for those who like to spend their time with crafting and needlework.

Whether you like macrame, cross stitch, embroidery or punch needle, we got you covered! With our kits, you can decorate your home with your own creations.

Our team

Our Team

Our team is full of interesting, unique and colorful personalities. This can be true to many companies but what’s more important that our colleagues love working here! For us it is essential that they are among friends who, besides work, spend their time organizing a company library or regular sporting events.

Aside all this, they are great at what they do and they are great at working as a unit because here the production process isn’t made up of separate, individual steps, rather it is performed through close collaborations where everything and everyone matters. Our designers are creative, cool and cheerful.

They observe nature and wildlife and put that into their work to create beautiful patterns.

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